Only the finest  Halal meats and freshest vegetables find their way into our kitchen.  Once there, they are cooked in pure vegetable oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Turkish cooking.  Our extensive menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes.  We also offer entrees made vegetarian-style.  Check out our weekly specials on the menu page.  Visit us soon and experience a meal fit for a Sultan.            
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Sultan's Kitchen
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SW 4th & College, Portland Oregon
Doner kebab is filets of meat stacked on a vertical spit and roasted on a vertical grill. Doner means "turning", the vertical spit is turned in front of a heat source which roasts the meat.  The meat is then sliced off with a huge knife.  Since the meat is vertical, it is self basting, which helps to account for it's rich flavor.  Traditional doner is made from milk-fed lamb, but in the 80's a heart-healthier alternative "chicken" became popular as well.  Today it's not unusual to see twin doner, lamb and chicken sizzling side by side.